HanHee Lee (Hailey) 

3D Environment Artist / matte painter

Contact: hanheehailey@gmail.com
LinkedIn  /   IMDB


Shadow of War / World Artist ] (Present)                                            Monolith (WB Games)
- Create vista terrains and other vista elements (such as clouds & smokes) 
- Work closely with the tech team to develop pipeline and tools for vista assets. 
- Create concepts/matte paintings for vistas.
[ Halo 5 : Guardians / 3D Skybox Artist ]                                               343Industries (Microsoft) 
- Create vista for levels and for cinematics. 
- Responsible for creating all non-playable environments (vista) which includes 3D assets, terrains and sky domes. Also was responsible for fog and lighting for the vistas I made.
[ Shadow Realms3D Environment Artist ]                                            Bioware  
 - Create realistic looking assets for the environment: Tileable textures, 3D Models, Plants etc
 - Work closely with the Environment art director to achieve desirable look.


 [ Film: Valiant (2013) / Matte Painter ]                                                   Studio 400A
-Communicate with the director and scene compositor
-Create background for the scene


 [ Film: Advantageous (2012) / Lead Matte Painter ]                               Studio 400A   
-Plan, guide, gather and lead matte painter team
-Communicate directly with the director
-Composite the matte painting


[ Film: Them Greeks!  / Texture Artist ]                                                     Studio 400A

-Create textures for props


High and Low polygon modeling 

Create different types of terrains

Texturing for realistic or stylized environment

3D digital Sculpting  

Create modular scene in 3D

Create matte painting for background or concept

Traditional and digital painting


Autodesk Maya                  Adobe Photoshop                    Pixologic Zbrush   

Unreal Engine                    Planetside Terragen                 Allegorithmic Substance  

Eon Vue                          World Machine                         The Foundry Nuke

XNormal                     Autodesk Max                          The Foundry Modo

Adobe After Effects          Autodesk Mudbox                    Frostbite Engine


Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA

Majoring 3D Animation and Visual Effects

-Graduated  2014 Summer-                         



Reference is available upon request